Corona Crisis Crafting XII: Revenge of the Sewing Machine

Making all those masks required that I somewhat clean up my sewing area and it reminded me of how much I love sewing and embroidery,and also Lidl had plain clothing on sale. So here’s a few nice things that I now own.

©Giliell, all rights reserved

More masks. I wanted some that match my clothing. I also changes the pattern a bit. The original pattern was made by an Asian woman and while differences on average are small, nobody ever accused my nose of being average. It’s more like something you’d find on a Greek statue if such prominent features didn’t have the tendency to break off. It’s also bigger, which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear, as there’s more room in front of nose and mouth.

Cute T-shirts:

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As you can see, my dear Marie Antoinette goes back to a time when there was a lot less fabric needed to cover my ass. Bright flowers on dark fabrics are just my thing.

©Giliell, all rights reserved

As are unicorns. The pattern sits a bit low, but not quite as low as on Marie Antoinette, as my tits fill up some space.

And a dress. With pockets!

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Please excuse the chaos in the background. I did not clean all of it… The next pic will show the difference between a dress sitting on a mannequin and a dress sitting on a fat lady. I tried to take a selfie, which is not that easy if you want to show your dress. You can also see one of my masks. It says “Wash your hands, no seriously”.

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Oh, and I made another pest doctor mask:

©Giliell, all rights reserved

This time a bit more sinister. I think it’s something I could wear to a ren fair, should we ever get one again.

And just for the fun of it: TARDIS keyrings

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  1. says

    I love the shirt with flowers!

    Embroidered facemasks are a great idea too. They should become standard (as in, everybody should have a few just in case) and it is good, in the grand scheme of things, to make them fashionable and personal, as opposed to bland and uniform.

  2. kestrel says

    Wow -- you *have* been busy. Those shirts are awesome -- I love the embroidery. I just got a machine that does that not too long before all this started, but I was kinda counting on being able to go to classes to learn how to use it… and that has not happened yet. All that you have done is very inspiring! Maybe I’ll get my ducks in a row and finish a quilt.

  3. avalus says

    Say, could you give us some pointers on how to make such a Dr.Pest mask, Giliell? I looked around ze internets a bit for plan but only found them for hard leather masks, which I would imagine would not work with fabric.

    My own handsewn masks are not striking fear in the hearts of mortals … I mean exccentric enough! (But they are a nice plaid)

  4. rq says

    I love the unicorn most especially, but all your pieces are wonderful -- took me a while to notice it’s not two fairies but a fairy and a griffin! The dress looks great, but I think that’s to do with the awesome person in it.
    Did you remember to add the inner cupholder to this pest doctor mask?

  5. voyager says

    I love the bright colours you used for the unicorn and the t-shirt, but the blue and white fairy dress is fabulous and you look beautiful in it. The colour co-ordinated mask is the perfect accessory. I’m thinking it might be time to upgrade my aged sewing machine..

  6. says

    Thanks, everybody. Next will probably be upcycling projects, because my sister got given a bunch of rather small men’s shirts from a patient’s wife who’s outgrown them, telling her “there’s fabric for your sister to make masks”, but I’m not going to cut up a 60 bucks shirt to get 3 bucks worth of fabric.

    I used this pattern and while it’s a bit of work, it’s not hard. Just make sure to put the correct pieces together…

    I’m a complete autodidact when it comes to sewing. I always wanted to take classes, but they always clashed with my work schedule…
    I still have two quilts to finish…

  7. avalus says

    Thank you Giliell!
    On to a new handsewing adventure… I should really get a sewing machine :D
    Thankfully I have a friend who is really good at quilting, so I can pest…ask them nicely for advice.

    Also because I forgot to say so earlier: Those are really beautiful embroideries? Embroids? Stickereien!

  8. says

    Those are machine embroideries, so basically the machine is doing most of the work. I’m no hand sticher as Caine was.
    I also think that getting a sewing machine is a good idea. I always think that it’s a basic skill everybody should learn in school just like cooking and woodworking is. Comprehensive schools ftw!

  9. avalus says

    Still looks beautiful :)
    Very true, I am thankful for my mom and gran teaching me to sew by hand and machine. In school I learned knitting and crocheting. Looking at all the stiches required to make tha mask, I think I will do a pilgramage downtown and see if I can buy a machine. More craftstuf to accumulate!

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