And Blue

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A bee fly in midair. I didn’t have much luck with the camera on our walk, mostly because the woods have never been that popular before, but this little fellow didn’t care much for all the crawlers on the ground.


  1. Ridana says

    If I click the picture and then zoom to invoke the scroll bars on the side and bottom of my browser window, I can make the bee flit around the screen with my mouse. ^.^

    (nope, stay-at-home not getting to me, I’m always like this)

  2. says

    Ah, I see where and how I misunderstood your writing I had to look up whether “bee fly” is a terminus technicus. It is and, I think it is not a bee fly either (fam Bombyliidae), I think it is hoverfly (fam Syrphidae). But I am not an entomologist, so my guess is as good as yours, we agree it is the order of true flies Diptera.
    Talking in English about biology is hard, the language has no standardized nomenclature whatsoever … mumble mumble.. don’t let me start talking about trees…. mumlbe.

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