Jack’s Walk

The Marcus Magic Comb in action. ©voyager, all rights reserved

Jack doesn’t do a heavy shed in the springtime because normally we go to the east coast for the summer. There he swims in the cold water of the Gulf of St. Lawrence almost every day and he needs a bit of extra fluff for insulation and added buoyancy. This year we fooled him, though, and stayed home in good old hot and humid Ontario. The poor boy spent his summer with too much hair and despite all the hot weather he kept his undercoat. Now, as the weather cools down Jack has finally decided to shed all that hair and OMG is there a lot of it. His undercoat is blondish and it wads up in tufts that pull out like feathers and explode into handfuls. It’s almost like magic. That photo was taken after only a few passes with our Marcus Magic Comb and there seems to be no end to the hair that comes out. I can brush him until my arms are sore and still the hair keeps coming. Anyone want to borrow a dog for a few weeks?



  1. says

    I know a knitter who used to make exotic felt hats from dog fur. They were great except they smelled doggy (and probably wanted to pee on trees) Maybe some knitter would be happy to get a bag of Jack fur?

  2. says

    I remember reading about someone making wool for knitting sweaters out of fine dog fur too. It is amazing how many things can be actualy useful when you put your mind to it.

  3. Jazzlet says

    I know the feeling Voyager, except I’ve got two of them and they are both rather fluffier than Jake.

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