Jack’s Walk

Milkweed ©voyager, all rights reserved

Poor Jack didn’t get out for a walk this morning. I turned off the A/C last night and opened the windows and by this morning the house was filled with humidity. I get this weird ataxia that puts me into slow motion and makes it feel like I’m moving through jello and high humidity is one of the things that can set it off. It took me a while just to get out of bed and I couldn’t make my hands work and I was feeling very frustrated. The jello wouldn’t lift even after the A/C cleared the house. I managed to get to pool therapy at noon and that really helped a lot, but by the time I got home it was too hot for Jack to go out. I promised to take him for a nice stroll around the neighbourhood after supper, but he isn’t bothered by the missing morning outing. At least that’s what he says – maybe he’s just being kind.




  1. annattheft says

    Your posts are a high point of my days, so much so that this is the first time I’ve posted here. I just wanted to wish you all the best and thank you.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The weather/air hasn’t been kind to you. My dry and pleasantly warm thoughts for you.

    The light is pleasant in the picture. Not too bright and not too dim.

  3. StevoR says

    Wondering whether midnight or late night walks possible where you are? It’s cooler,quieter and, if not cloudy, you can see the stars and really enjoy the night.

    I often take my dog out as the last thing I do before going to bed just for a short lap of my block to cool down and calm down before sleeping and, indeed, when I’m struggling to sleep too and this works well for me. Mind you, I’m not female and lucky tolive where I do and where I’m confident in my safety todo this so I can understand there may be such factors putting you off.

    If you can walk your dog outside safely at night though, it is a really wonderful, calming and interesting thing I’ve found.

  4. voyager says

    It is fairly safe where I am and Jack and I do occasionally go for late night walks. Like you, I find it’s helpful when I can’t sleep. One of the good things about walking with Jack is that he’s big and dark and at night he looks intimidating. He also has a big woof and a deep growl when he’s unsure about things.
    Unfortunately, I live in a small city and there’s just enough light pollution to make the night skies less thrilling.

  5. Jazzlet says

    Something has been eating the milkweed … do you get monarch catapillers?

    I hope today is/has been better for you.

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