Midwinter Blooms

Some pretty-in-pink winter flowers from Australia courtesy of Lofty.

Although its midwinter here there are still plenty of bright little things to see on the non rainy days. These little flowers are around 1/2″ or 12mm long and were trying to hide in a dark corner, but a sunbeam surprised them. Described here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epacris_impressa

Epcaris Impressa ©Lofty, all rights reserved


  1. springa73 says

    Those are very beautiful.

    The whole idea of having any flowers outside in the middle of winter is foreign to me.

  2. says

    Winter here is a mild affair by many people’s standards, snow may only fall once or twice in any decade. So yes, some native plants make the best of the cool damp season.

  3. Nightjar says

    Oh, so pretty! It’s nice to see wildflowers, now that everything is so dry over here already and almost all wildflowers are gone.

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