Teacher’s Corner: School’s out for Summer!!!

Let’s start with the obvious sentiment:

The last day of school was on Friday and now we’re all free for six wonderful weeks of holiday. The last week was damn hot and since we had a lot of excursions planned it was also exhausting.

There were report cards on Friday and one of the boys did absolutely not agree with his grade for behaviour and thought he deserved a better grade. To inform us of this great injustice he yelled swear words, threw things through the classroom and kicked over the dustbin. That particular kid often feels like Pratchett’s Carcer in the making and it’s our job to try and prevent it.

My own kids’ report cards were something to brag about, with one “C” in PE between the two of them.

Now for the first time in my life I also get paid for the summer holidays, which is a nice thing to have. On Sunday we set out for Spain, so don’t expect me to catch up on my blogging duties soon ;)


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Enjoy your well-deserved holiday! You’re doing one of the most important jobs there is.

    As for the song, there is a cover version that’s more energetic:

    By Kirka* (who died 12 years ago)
    * = He was a singer who did mostly light adult pop/rock but he did a few hard rock (a genre which he loved) records in the 1980s. While he was born in Finland his parents were Russian immigrants/refugees.

  2. voyager says

    You made it! You’re now an experienced teacher!
    I hope you have a grand time in Spain and make lots of happy memories with your family.

  3. johnson catman says

    Sounds like the behavior-problem kid deserved an even harsher grade, perhaps even a “fail”.

  4. Jazzlet says

    Yay! I hope you have a lovely time in Spain, and a relaxing time in the week before you go. Paid holiday is ace too, I hope you have enough do something silly with or buy something you, not the family, you want. I know they have needs, but you do difficult work earning that money and should get at least the occasional treat with some of it.

  5. avalus says

    Have a good time in spain!

    Wow, I haven’t listened to that song in … forever *goes on to hilariously headbang off … to the muppets version of this song :D*

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