TNET 32 – Making Fire

I tried to make fire by rubbing wood sticks. It never worked. This young Scottish gentleman is more stubborn than I was and he succeeded.

Open thread, talk about whatever you wish, but don’t be a bum hole.

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  1. Oggie: Mathom says

    The larger of the two just went for an ekg — there may be a heart murmur. Not unusual with this size difference between twins — her heart was pumping more fluid during gestation. Fingers and toes crossed.

  2. says

    Yay for the safe arrival of the Ogglets, keeping all fingers and paws crossed.

    I mean Gamers as in those loud vocal asshats.
    The “discussion” was about the risks and effects of heavy gaming on kids. Because not only do I see the effects in my daily work, we also have data to back it up, like the fact that in Germany half a million young people show critical behaviour and addictive behaviour. No to mention the hyperrealistic violence and the “stories” in many games. But I was told I was just talking bullshit like “back in the 90s”.
    I’m so fucking annoyed by people who have no clue.
    I love games, I play myselfb we’re a happy family of Pokemon Go players, but I also know that there are many kids failing because the play games every day until late in the night.

  3. jimb says

    Well wishes for good health for the new Oggs!

    (Son was 5lbs, 1oz when delivered via C-section 5 weeks early. Also had a small murmur which IIRC was a small hole in his heart. Eventually sealed itself and he was otherwise healthy. He is now in the midst of finals week to conclude his first year of college.)

  4. Jazzlet says

    All foetuses have a hole in the heart as they obviously don’t breathe so they don’t need to get oxygenated air from their lungs, the hole means most of the blood goes round the rest of the body and only a bit goes to the lungs. It usually closes shortly before birth if I remember correctly from learning this way back in university. Amazing when you think about it.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    I’ve been quite busy with the studies again, one big project (report and presentation left), other course work including labs and simulations, but after 31st May it will be all done for the spring. No summer job and no interesting summer courses, but I think some rest will do good things. Also more time for job hunting (to be able to do my Master’s thesis for a company, as is common here).

  6. Oggie: Mathom says

    Shelby’s heart murmur is disappearing. It was the blood vessel that helps un-oxygenated blood bypass the lungs.

    I got to hold her yesterday.

    Both babies are doing well and are starting to put on weight after losing 100g or so each. Both are suckling on bottles. Still a long way to go.

  7. Jazzlet says

    @ Oggie, A long way to go yes, but a good start. Keep eating and growing little Ogglets!

    Ice Swimmer
    Good luck with tthe job hunting and enjoy your break.

  8. says

    Good to hear. A long way to go for sure, but they have a wonderful support system.

    Us, we had a wonderful weekend. We saw Detective Pikachu on Friday and had a great afternoon out today. Sadly it’s over. Though after next week there will be many short weeks with holidays and stuff.

  9. jimb says

    Jazzlet: Thanks, I probably knew that back then :-) It was still present no doubt due to the early delivery.

    Oggie: Good to hear about the improvement.

  10. Oggie: Mathom says

    Both girls are off the IVs. Ivy is about 3lbs 2oz; Shelby is about 4lbs, 15oz. Both are getting some from the bottle — Ivy about 1cc each feeding, Shelby about 5cc — and the rest through feeding tubes. Other than not quite figuring out the whole suckle, breath, and swallow routine, they are damn near perfect.

  11. says

    That whole suckle routine is difficult enough for full term babies already (I remember having to spoon feed #1 because why not?) so they’re really doing great.

  12. voyager says

    I’m very happy to hear that your girls are steadily progressing. It must have been quite a thrill to hold Shelby for the first time. Hopefully you’ll get to hold Ivy soon, too.

  13. says

    Folks, I think I just need to sit here for a bit and cry.
    Some days my job just makes me despair and today was definitely one of them.
    We had two parent teacher talks today. First one was with a Roma family. We’re trying to get the kid into a special ed centre, for many reasons, one being that there books and transport and breakfast will be free and we were talking with the dad about the results of the evaluation and how to proceed.
    During the talk we mentioned that it’s obvious that there’s a very close and warm relationship within the family, that we really appreciate how they’re cooperating with us and always show up, even though we know they have so little money for the bus and that this shows that they really care about their kid, at which point the father started to cry and the interpreter said “Sorry, he’s never been treated with so much warmth and cordiality before”.
    What a fucking place is this world where a family knows only rejection and prejudice, where somebody feels so devalued and so much hated that being given the ordinary respect every person is due feels like a gift from heaven.
    The next one was a woman who came to Germany as a refugee from Chechnya, who then divorced her violent husband who has been fighting like a lioness for her children ever since and who is now threatened with deportation, because her status as a refugee depended on his status, she and her children were only allowed as his family and since he went back, why can’t she?
    Fuck, fucking fuckers. We’re trying our best to help her in her appeal.
    But yeah, that was really more than I can cope with for one day.

  14. Jazzlet says

    Oh Giliell, I don’t know how you do it *hugs, and hot choclate and packets of findings*

    I have voted in the European Elections, I so hope that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson does not get a seat, but I fear that he will and I will have himm as one of my MEP’s. The world is full of shit that it’s even a possibility that someone like him could become an MEP.

  15. voyager says

    Oh, Giliell,
    I’m sending you a great big hug. I got a bit choked up just reading about your Roma family. It must have been an emotionally draining meeting for you. I’ve been sitting here thinking about how hard day to day life must be for them if such simple human respect and kindness is so unexpected. It must be incredibly difficult to instill good values in your child if prejudice is all they see modeled in the world.
    On the other hand, your story about the abused single mother had me seething. What a fucked up world.
    It sounds like you teach at a school with good values, but it also sounds like there’s more than just a bit of social work involved in your teaching. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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