1. lochaber says

    All of these Alt-right/Intellectualdarkweb/trolls/proudboy/nazis/mras/whatever aren’t worth arguing with. I don’t think I’ve ever run across one who argues in good faith, they just move goalposts, gishgallop, strawman by the score, whataboutism, namecalling, etc.

    They don’t have any sort of internally consistent set of values aside from “own the libs”, and usually some degree of white supremacy with some other assorted bigotries.

    Not saying videos like this aren’t valuable, I think they are, if nothing else, at least to show the audience how full of shit these assholes are. I’m just not going to personally waste my time engaging them.

    I’m just annoyed, because to me it seems so self-evident that their arguments and positions are untenable and in bad faith, yet so many people still seem to look to them as some sort of platonic ideal of a rational and logical person. I just get mad, because: Do you see this shit? Look at this shit! -- How do you not see it!?

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