Jack’s Walk

Another icy day, ©voyager, all rights reserved

What a strange winter we’re having this year. Yesterday we had snow flurries in the morning, freezing rain in the afternoon and then snow flurries again overnight and this morning. It looks pretty, but under that blanket of snow there’s a thick layer of ice that makes walking treacherous. The ice is also still coating the trees and hydro wires which is a bit of a worry. It’s supposed to start warming up tomorrow again with a projected temp of +5 by Friday and after that who knows.


  1. rq says

    This is an amazing photo, the colour is so eye-catching but it has a beautiful geometry, too. The layer of ice only adds to everything. At the same time, that ice only emphasizes how dangerous it is out there! Stay safe, be careful, and I hope the weather gets a grip soon!

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