Another Look from Mt. Lofty

Lofty has sent us a few follow-up photos to his post  of January 21/19, Mt. Lofty.

Here are some pictures taken from Mt Lofty on the morning of the day after the super Bloody Full Moon Eclipse Thingy. The first shot is of moonset over the city, the second and third are of the sun about to rise over Mt Barker, the next little mountain to the ESE. They only vary in zoom and where the auto exposure is pointed. The building on the right of the picture is Mt Lofty House, nowadays an upmarket hotel. Notice how they are taking fire safety seriously, with a row of large water tanks set below the main entrance.

©Lofty, all rights reserved

©Lofty, all rights reserved

©Lofty, all rights reserved

Beautiful shots, Lofty. Thanks for sharing.


  1. says

    Yes if you look at #3 for a little while you can see the eye of the February Dragon peeking over the mountain top before blasting you with fire.

  2. lumipuna says

    The morning of Jan 22 in Adelaide would be exactly the same time when we had one really cold night (around -20 to -25) in Helsinki. Now it’s gotten really mild and murky, the thick snow is getting heavy and wet.

  3. rq says

    Three has a lot of obvious drama, but I like the quiet drama of the second picture -- the one with the (to my eye, odd-looking) water tanks, the historical-looking building, the colour of the light. It has these different elements coming together for a subtle speculative fiction effect. Maybe a little surreal, too.

  4. springa73 says

    I especially like the second photo, with the pre-dawn light faintly illuminating the hotel and hillside and the silhouetted trees framing the light.

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