Sunshine and Rainbows

A magical double rainbow from Jazzlet.

“This is the view from my bedroom window, lovely isn’t it? It’s a bit deceptive, you can’t see that beyond the end of the garden there is a steep slope down to a field, which is where we most often walk the dogs, beyond that is the Peak Forest Canal, then a local railway line – you can see that if you know where to look. The real deception though is the way it appears that we live in the country, when we live in a suburb, but like many northern cities there are fingers of countryside that reach into the urban area, and we are lucky enough to live on the edge of one of those fingers. When I’m on my laptop typing comments I’m in the room below our bedroom, the view isn’t quite as good as it’s blocked by our extension and by our neighbour’s enormous hedge on the left, and by the other neighbour’s conservatory on the right, but it’s still pretty amazing. The valley runs north/south and we can often see the weather blowing up it, maybe sheets of rain, sometimes the valley fills with mist and looks as if it’s boiling up before spilling over into the garden, occasionally the cloud drops right down and we can’t see to the end of the garden, let alone Top O’ The Hill. Yes that wee hill is known as Top O’ The Hill.”


©Jazzlet, all rights reserved

Breathtaking. Thanks for sharing Jazzlet.


  1. rq says

    Absolutely lovely!
    And I think we can have a rainbow theme going, because I have some reserved for posting, too. :D

  2. Jazzlet says

    Thank you all! I may have another rainbow to share, I haven’t looked at it off the camera yet, not long back from Northumbria.

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