Airports and Timeskips

In TNET, we had a small conversation about omens and quests, but I think the answer is much simpler than that.

See, I got some cookies in the mail (more about that sometime next week). Because I was expecting a long day of travel, I packed some as snacks for the trip. My original first connection was to a large hub airport that is reasonably close to the cookies’ region of origin. Obviously, this was not acceptable to the cookies (they are not meant to go home!), so they sent out waves of distress into the spacetime ether, and destiny listened – not only was that first flight delayed for more than 2 hrs (in the end!), but I couldn’t even be placed on the same route without missing one or some other of my later connections. However, instead of the double-plus-best-good option of visiting two completely new airports this trip, I got one very nice one at Zagreb. Add to that an earlier (than original) arrival at my final destination, and this is a win no matter how I look at it. It is now snowing outside my hotel window, and I have a happy ending, and one full productive work day behind me.

(And the cookies ended up saving both my life and the lives of my passengers between Vienna and Zagreb, but that is a much more mundane story and requires no fantastic elements. Thank you, cookies.)

Let us retrace my steps, then (though the Skopje photo is from last trip, as by the time I got in I couldn’t be bothered):

©rq, all rights reserved.

Vienna (it’s a bad photo, so what, the cookies were calling my name)
©rq, all rights reserved.

Zagreb (not a complicated airport, but so much I love about that construction and its geometry)
©rq, all rights reserved.

©rq, all rights reserved.

This is Peteris Vasks writing about everything that is the opposite of anything related to heights, it is here for the the quietness and stillness. The moment the choir happens is the one where time stops for me.

Oh, speaking of stopped time, my favourite part through my terrible ordeal with delays and undelays was watching luggage trains make pretty tracks in the snow:

Hearts and ribbons? Particle collisions?
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  1. Nightjar says

    Yay for happy ending. The last photo is my favourite and for some reason reminds me of that old windows screensaver…

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The Zagreb structure is reminiscent of a himmeli (sodas in Lithuanian, according to Wikipedia).

    Those must be cookie field lines in the last one.

  3. rq says


    Ah! Puzuri! Yes, very much -- and the reflective windows added to the impression of being inside one of these structures. I liked it!
    I agree about the cookie field lines, actually. I can only hope that my return trip will be less… exciting.

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