Soundtrack to your life: 3

Well, from about the same time as the last one, but very different music:

The Fugees: Killing me softly

Soundtrack to a class trip to Prague. Don’t ask me why, but it was kind of the only song we could all agree on listening to on the bus.



  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The Fugees version has a really “tight” rhythm and Lauryn’s phrasing is perfect.

    So many people have done this song.

    I only now took the time to listen to the original version by Lori Lieberman. Definitely worth a listen. The acoustic guitar is wonderfully sweet and salty.

    Roberta Flack’s voice is beautiful, but in the version she did, I don’t like the tempo, that feels too fast, too hurried.

    It seems at least 8 Finnish singers have recorded a version*. “Jokainen Päivä On Liikaa” (Every Day Is Too Much) is the title of the Finnish lyrics and the subject of the lyrics is lost love. I prefer the Fugees, Lieberman and Flack versions.

    * = One in English, the rest in Finnish, 7 female singers and one male.

  2. rq says

    I never really liked this song, but I think that’s partially a function of it being overplayed on radio back in the day.
    But I think it really comes down to hating the lyrics. But I like them a bit better, knowing they’re a response to this song.

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