Slavic Saturday

In the spirit of the season I would like to mention one Czech tradition today. This week, Thursday December 6. was Saint Nicholas day. Name of the saint is in Czech “Mikuláš” and the evening before Saint Nicolas day Mikuláš travels through the country with an angel and a devil to reward children accordingly. Good children get sweets, bad children get coal etcetera. Santa Claus is nothing else than a poorly written spinoff.

The trio is usually either paid actors or volunteers who go from door-to-door for arranged visits to children, there are also visits to Kindergarten and to lower classes in School. Children are sometimes expected to recite a rhyme to Mikuláš to prove they are good, some children opt to being tongue-tied or hiding behind their mother.

I remember, as a pre-school child, being absolutely terrified by the whole trio. My parents never taught me that devils are real or anything such, nevertheless I still to this day remember how I was supposed to say a rhyme to Mikuláš but not being able to get anything out of me but a bawling scream of horror. I do not remember being confronted with the trio for the rest of my childhood afterwards.

Two of my friends have two beautiful, intelligent and lively sons, three and four years. When they were preparing them for Mikuláš’s visit at the kindergarten, they explained to them carefully and patiently that the visitors will be only actors, ordinary people dressed up and pretending. They also explicitly forbade the teacher to tell them otherwise and to scare the children. Even so, both boys were clearly afraid of the devil and in awe with Mikuláš and the angel and the experience was something for them to talk about afterwards.

Children’s power of make-believe at this age is so strong that lying to them is not necessary for them to enjoy (or being terrified by) the holiday at all.


  1. avalus says

    I can relate to you. I can not remember it but my parents tell me that I was terribly afraid of St Nick and Knecht Ruprecht (the angel/devil stand in) coming to kindergarten.
    I wonder how my godchild will do (they are nearly 3 years). Growing up in a LARPer/Cosplay/Medival Market surrounding, they have never shown fear to anyone (fake blood soaked orcs, Things from the wild, masks, helmets, skulls…).

  2. says

    Thankfully the frightening/threatening aspect of Santa and whoever comes to visit is in steady decline.
    I personally think that parents who try to scare their children into behaving/obeying by invoking somebody else (Santa, St. Nick (and Knecht Ruprecht, I think he has retired completely), god or dad) are cowards. I especially hatemothers/grandparents using the father as the threat. How are they supposed to have a good relationship?

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