Youtube Video: Sword Blade Technology Informing Design

Matt Easton muses about how the change of sword shapes over time was not driven only by function, but also by technology.


  1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    Thanks, Charly.
    I always watch the videos you post regarding blades. Always very informative, as to history and intended use of the blade.
    When C and I met, we were both carrying knives, and had survived street encounters with petty criminals because of our knives. For our life, we would gift each other blades from small stilleo’s to machetes. She always carried two, I always carry 3. We used to practice left hand and right hand single handed handling of our carry knives. C preferred small straight blade or stiletto types, where I carry folders.
    She took my first Kabar 1211 and hung it by the front door. Whenever she answered the front door, to an unexpected visitor, it was prominently displayed. The first of my big blade Bowie type knives she used for home defense. That was her personal favorite. It took me four years to buy a second copy, for my own, they were that hard to find.
    She “stole” my first Rapala fillet knife as her home defense knife. Always hung right next to her in her studio, she appreciated how flexible and sharp it was. Cutting, or stabbing, equally effective, wicked sharp, super fast in the hand, light weight, fully effective.
    She never had to cut anybody, same as me, other than ourselves using culinary knives. If you have defense, criminals will look elsewhere for a target.

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