I Had Plans

They didn’t include a break, but as it happens, ’tis the season.

Last y’all heard of me, I was becoming a star, and I expected to be back on track by now – turns out, two post-1am nights plus a workday plus a day of rogaining followed by a day of children’s tae kwondo tournaments isn’t exactly a recipe for recovery (after 22km and a record* 48 points in 4 hours on Saturday, I hope you believe me I was practically dead on my feet come Sunday, but parental duties meant I got to sit in a gym for most of the day, keeping a little person’s nerves calm)… and then there was the work trip to Vilnius, and then the centennial celebrations plus my mum’s birthday this weekend. That’s a long list of excuses, but there you have it, at my age, excuses is all you have. I’ll be back on track with a couple of more Macedonia posts (have to finish with those before the next trip comes up, and that, as it turns out, has come up a lot faster than expected, by request of the project leaders and I have two kinds of thoughts about that), I have at least one more post from Austria, and then a few randomly selected picture essays from the summer and early autumn.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies, some rather boring photos from the show (I am in the circle of light) and this lovely song by The Stars, which quite often reflects my ideas about life, planning, and my own expectations. I can write a script and set the scene as much as I want, but life provides its own twists and turns and cliffhanger endings. In other words, I am fine, and I apologize for not keeping up with the rest of you, especially with my forest raking. ‘Intermittent’ is my middle name.

  • A record for my team and I, since we’re not hardcore and we don’t run, we maintain a fast walk, preferably between 5  and 6 km per the hour, take breaks in picturesque locations, and collect as many points as we can. Previous high-scoring events have topped off at 43 or so.


  1. Nightjar says

    My goodness, that sounds exhausting. Don’t apologize. I’m looking forward to your Macedonia and Austria posts, but we can wait, please have all the rest you need. I can understand intermittency. Work comes in waves, sometimes family stuff does too, and sometimes two waves combine and… breathing becomes difficult.

  2. voyager says

    I got exhausted just reading about it. Life seems to come in bunches doesn’t it, with everything coming at once. I hope you get some breathing space soon. I look forward to your posts whenever they come.
    Rogaining is something I wish I’d done when I was well and young. Congratulations on setting a new team best.
    Also, tell your mum belated happy birthday.

  3. says

    Well, we ain’t 30 no more.
    But as my great grandmother used to say, if you don’t want to grow old you got to hang yourself young.

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