A fixture of my childhood has passed away suddenly. The sister of my godfather, actually. I went to Latvian school with her children, and she was certainly an unstoppable force – abrasive yet good-natured, she didn’t stand much for politeness where undeserved, or properness where a bit of liveliness would do; she had opinions and wasn’t afraid to let them out. She laughed loudly, sang loudly in church, and wore flamboyant hats in loud colours.

We weren’t close, but I’m going to miss her.


  1. Nightjar says

    My condolences, rq. She does indeed sound like the kind of person who will be missed even by those who weren’t close to her but who had their lives brightened by her liveliness.

  2. dakotagreasemonkey says

    My heartfelt condolences, rq. From your description, My C and your Godfathers sister were remarkably similar, all except for singing loudly in Church. Substitute ‘Party with good friends’, for church, they fit with each other. Thanks for bringing up good memories!

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