Jack’s Walk


The last rose of October, ©voyager, all rights reserved

October roses are always a welcome sight, but this bright pink beauty is the last one left in my garden. There are no new buds left and the plant is getting ready to go to sleep for the winter. Sometimes I think it would be nice if I could sleep through winter. I have enough of a fat pad to survive hibernation for a few months and it might be nice to avoid the days upon days of darkness and cold. On the other hand, I would also miss Jack pouncing like a cat into snowbanks and making happy faces full of frost. Winter is Jack’s favourite season. He loves the cold and would stay outside for hours if only someone stayed with him. He has been known to crawl into the creek when it’s full of floating ice and drift downstream with a look close to ecstasy on his face. Jack’s fur is very seal-like. Only the outside hairs get wet and even when he’s been in the water for an hour the downy hairs below stay dry. He also has a bit of a fat pad and a big buoyant chest and, like all labs, his feet are webbed. The boy is built for swimming in the cold and he loves it.

Ah…that’s better. See what I did there? I just gave myself a reason to look forward to winter. I promise I’ll share pictures so you can have a reason to look forward to winter too.


  1. Nightjar says

    So beautiful! I love the bokeh and that’s obviously an autumn photo, that light is unmistakable!

    I can always find reasons to look forward to every single season, I’m now adding “happy Jack photos” to my winter list. :)

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    A sensual looking rose.

    If it weren’t for the swimming, I would also like to do like bears and badgers. It isn’t actually the coldness but the darkness that is the problem with winter for

  3. voyager says

    Ice Swimmer,
    It’s much the same for me. I can dress for the cold, but the dark is depressing. I’m not sure I understand why you enjoy swimming in icy water, but I’m glad you have something to help you through winter. (Mr. V once rescued one of our other dogs who had fallen through the ice and he and the dog nearly perished.)

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