Jack’s Walk

Scrappy squirrel©voyager, all rights reserved

Well, it’s a scorcher of a day here. 31 degrees with a humidex of 40 degrees. Ordinarily I could laugh it off, but we’re staying with my mother-in-law who doesn’t have air-conditioning and it’s just not as funny when there’s no relief. Poor Jack is suffering the most. Thankfully, he’s still in his light summer coat, but he’s disinterested in everything except sitting in front of the fan. That’s pretty much my attitude to life, too. My fibromyalgia flares up in high humidity and it feels like I’m walking through a dishwasher in double gravity boots. As a result, our walk today was strictly business related and once Jack’s business was done we trudged back home to sit in front of our fan.


  1. says

    Oh, poor you! My sympathies. We have reasonable weather now, it rained some and the temperatures are now appropriate to the time of year.

    FWIW, when we had sweltering heat, I have put on a wet (not soaked, just wet) t-shirt on bare back. It helped. Probably would not work in 40% humidity though.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    My sympathies as well. I hope you can both stay as cool as possible.

    Here, the hot weather is no longer there, but humidity is now quite high, close to 100 % at night and fog in the mornings, but temperature makes it comfortable apart from the fact that nothing will dry at times.

    A big looking (lady?) squirrel.

  3. rq says

    Uuuuugh. I hope you survived, humidity is the worst!! The squirrel doesn’t seem to care, lucky them.

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