Garden Foxes.

From KG: In the first two, the fox is not easy to spot, but it’s on the garden chair at the bottom of the neighbour’s garden, while she’s out in the garden herself! They have indeed got very bold – it had taken to snoozing there regularly, and I surprised one under a bush a few days ago and he (I have observed him while he was cleaning his groin) dashed off a few yards, but then just turned and looked at me. 301 shows this one fairly close-up; I think he’s this year’s cub, still quite small and with a thin tail. The other we see about – I think the one in 206 and 210 – is considerably bigger, with a bushy tail. We haven’t seen the limping one for some time, so I fear it may not have survived, although I heard neighbours a few houses along had called in the SSPCA (animal charity) to try and catch and treat it. Click for full size!




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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I’ve only seen foxes in the wild in urban areas and they have seemed quite good at playing nonchalant while getting away swiftly.

    Is that a closed inner courtyard?

  2. rq says

    I was proud to find all the foxes in all the photos. I’ve never seen foxes so urbanized, enough to get into courtyards, but I have seen them on the street at night just outside the city centre, so…

  3. avalus says

    I saw a fox in our backgarden the other day. I took a photo but all I got was just a brownish blurr, wooshing for the bushes :D

  4. jazzlet says

    Where I used to live in Sheffield the two houses downhill from us had a short ‘tunnel’ between their ground floors with double gates. There was a fox that had a regular route that included coming out of the cemetary across the road, looking round (and ignoring anyone at the bus stop about ten yards away), crossing the road, squeezing under the double gates, going down my next door neighbours garden and into the allotments that were at the bottom of our gardens. It did this around nine pm every night much to the annoyance of my dog, but understandably didn’t come into our garden.

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