Another Machinery Graveyard.

From David: Inspired by Lofty, here are a few similar photos I took a couple weeks back. They are on the site of an old Woolshed that has been converted in to a boutique brewery. Hmmmm hard lemonade, goes great as a mixer with the Gin – click for full size!

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  1. kestrel says

    These are gorgeous pictures and really interesting. I love puzzling over old equipment and trying to figure out how it was used. And I was just at a shearing…

  2. says

    Very pretty picturs.

    Am I a bad person for thinking about all the things that could be done from that old wrought iron and carbon steel?

  3. voyager says

    All beautiful photos, but the last 2 are gorgeous with the bright greens set against the worn wood tones and rusts.

  4. says

    One of the reasons this old machinery survived is the large distances (200km plus) to the scrap merchants from these hordes, so the scrap value doesn’t cover the fuel costs. Closer to the city there is very little of this stuff left and what’s left tends to have enough historical value to survive.

  5. DavidinOz says

    Hi Lofty. Angle Vale Village Shopping Centre had one of those pieces with historical value. It was a massive hay cart, built from logs as big as sleepers. It was on display in the car park, lent by the Fatchen Family. One day it vanished. No one knows what happened. Shame, and I didn’t get any photos of it.


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