1. says


    Fuck ticks.

    If I could wipe those little fuckers off the planet, I would. There is not one redeeming characteristic to a tick; and when I’ve had christians blathering on about the glory of Yahweh’s creation, hummingbirds and sunsets, oh my, I say “Ticks. What kind of asshole god would create fucking ticks? Next time you get a tick sucking your blood, you best leave it be and revel in the glory of Yahweh’s creation.”

  2. jazzlet says

    I love the second one!

    And yes fuck ticks. Thorn gets them on her nose occasionally, but we’ve not found one anywhere else on her, and never on Jake, I think the long hair is just too difficult for the ticks to penetrate.

  3. says

    Giliell & Jazzlet, the second and last are my faves. I was laughing when I took that butt shot, no idea what he was doing in there, oh, and the last one, Jayne powerhousing through the reeds to get back to us.

    Joseph, well, there’s depressing news. Just what the world needs, more fucking ticks.

  4. says

    Voyager, they always look so extra adorable when they are running to you, don’t they? Nothing quite like it.

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