Dance Of Death: Count and Knight.

Click for full size. I swear, Death’s face in The Count is a dead ringer for Peter Cushing. Death also gets in a bit of arse kicking in The Knight.  Text translation in the comments.


  1. says

    Todt zum Graffen:
    Herr Graff gebt mir das Bottenbrodt,
    Es zeucht euch hin der bitter Todt:
    Lasst euch nicht rewen Weib und Kind,
    Ihr müsst tantzen mit diesem G’sind.

    Death to The Count:
    Mr. Count, give me the messenger’s bread.
    The bitter Death pulls you away.
    Don’t mourn over wife and child.,
    You must dance with these servants.

    Der Graff:
    In dieser Welt war ich bekannt,
    Darzu ein Edler Graff genannt:
    Nun bin ich von dem Todt gefellt,
    Und her an diesen Tantz gestellt.

    The Count:
    In this world I was [well] known,
    and also called a noble Count.
    Now I’m felled by Death,
    and placed here in this dance.

    Todt zum Ritter:
    Herr Ritter ihr sind angeschrieben,
    Ritterschafft die müssen ihr treiben,
    Mit dem Tode und seinen Knechten,
    Es hilfft weder streitten noch fechten.

    Death to The Knight:
    Mr. Knight, you have been written down
    that you must practice chivalry
    with Death and his servants.
    It helps you neither to struggle nor fight.

    Der Ritter:
    Ich alß ein strenger Ritter gut
    Hab der Welt dient mit hohem Muth:
    Nun bin ich wider Ritters Orden
    An diesen Tantz gezwungen worden.

    The knight:
    I -- as a stern knight --
    have served the world well with noble mind.
    Now I’ve been -- against knights’ order --
    coerced to this dance.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    I think the Knight and his Death have met before.
    Note the the sword cut in Death’s skull.

  3. jazzlet says

    And the Knight’s Death has more clothes , and even armour, than any Death we’ve seen so far.

    The Knight has a look of Sean Bean in ‘Lord of the Rings’ about him.

  4. rq says

    The Count’s Death, on the other hand, looks surprisingly undeath-like, what with the skin on the skull and the wisps of hair and no grinning teeth.

  5. avalus says

    Whats that with that spike on the grafs shoulder? i have not seen something like that before.

    @ rq: yes, it looks very calm, too.

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