Jack’s Walk

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The weather the past few days has been dreary. Temperatures have dropped into the teens and there’s been lots of rain. There’s also a lot of mud and it’s been challenging to keep Jack clean. Today, though, we found a nice dry path and we didn’t have to wrestle with cleaning his feet, although we still did our all over check for ticks. That’s really important at this time of year, especially if you and your dog go exploring country roads and forested places. Just take a minute when you get home to feel all over your dog’s coat for ticks. If you find one don’t try to pick it off. There are specialized tweezers available at most pharmacies and vet clinics that ensure the entire tick comes free. If you live in an area where lyme disease is common (we do) you can send the tick off to be tested. Just ask your vet. My brother-in-law’s dog contracted lyme disease last year and he was a very sick pup and needed antibiotics for a month. Our family now takes the risk very seriously and so we also give Jack oral tick prevention.


  1. says

    Prety picture, I love the path and wonder where it leads to.

    I hate ticks. I am careful and probably tot too tasty to them, so I get rarely one, but when I do I usualy only notice it after the tick is dead. It seems I am allergic to tick bites, so when one latches on to me I scratch at it unconsciously until I kill it. Then it starts really itch and I notice the parasite.

  2. rq says

    I understand you can get one for dogs, but not for humans. Because people are stupid. I’d take that vaccine in a heartbeat.

    As for the photo, once again I must express my admiration, voyager, for capturing the idea of yet another journey -- a path ahead, leading into mysterious places. I like the tall firs in this one, my dad used to say witches lived in such places, but that made them all the more fun and attractive.

  3. chigau (違う) says

    I see no mystery. It is a well-used path that will lead to fellow humans.
    (and hopefully beer and chips)

  4. rq says

    Dang, chigau, there goes my romantic scene-setting for the morning. *burstbubble*

  5. says

    No, it’s not prosaic to me, nor does it speak to wandering in search of other people. Quite the opposite. A place of stillness, where you can hear all the small noises of life happening. It’s a path I’d dearly like to wander.

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    This looks like a quiet place. There are fallen branches and cones on the path. It’s peaceful, light and shadow alternate on the path.

    What kind of trees are those, pines of some sort? Scots pine that grows here needs a lot of light and doesn’t tolerate shade and so, it drops the lower branches, they die, dry and fall off. It seems a similar thing is happening in this picture.

    I’d like to think this leads to a small lakes surrounded by forest and there’s a canoe or a row boat on the shore. You see a beaver lodge and a dam downstream and a brook upstream. Will you pull the vessel past the dam and go downstream or will you go upstream?

  7. voyager says

    Thanks. I have a thing for bendy foot paths. I love the feeling of being surrounded by wild things and the sense of adventure a small path can give you. I like the idea of witches, too. That will stay with me, thanks. As for the vaccine, I agree. People are stupid!

    Ice Swimmer
    I don’t know what kind of trees these are, but the path does lead to a small lake surrounded by hardwood trees where you can often find someone in a canoe.

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