1. says

    Dictionaries don’t teach language, especially Indigenous ones. And Nauhatl has nothing to do with the Dakota/Lakota/Nakota languages.

  2. says

    Nahuatl’s got the advantage that it’s widely spoken and taught in Paraguay, which is the only Latin American country with true bilingualism.
    It’s a long story, but the colonialisation of Paraguay was quite different from the rest of LA.
    None of which have to do with Dakota, of course

  3. Kreator says

    Giliell, I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong language in mind, Nahuatl is actually spoken by the Aztecs in Mexico (meanwhile, the Mayas to the south use another language of their own, whose name I don’t remember at the moment.) The language spoken in Paraguay is Guaraní, which is also widely spoken in northern Argentina, with at least one province having it as a second official language like our neighbour country.

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