Jack’s Walk

The cows are out in the fields again and today Jack and I met this trio of beauties on our walk. Too bad the fence was electrified. It would have been fun to scratch their noses and feel those big, soft ears.

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  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Almost looks like they are contemplating philosophically if the grass is really greener “over there”.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Are the two on the right Ayrshire cattle? Any idea what breed is the one on the left?

    Here in Finland, Ayrshire is nowadays the most common dairy cow, and it was the breed my paternal grandparents kept back when they had cattle (I believe they didn’t have more than ten heads).

  3. jrkrideau says

    @ Ice Swimmer
    My guess is that they are all crossbreeds.

    Look at the head of the one on the right. I don’t hang around with a lot of cattle but the shape of the head suggest more of a beef breed than a dairy breed.

  4. voyager says

    Ice Swimmer I apologize for taking so long to answer this. I really don’t know what kind of cows they are. We found them at a chicken farm so that doesn’t help, but I think jrkrideau is right. Our dairy cows are almost all Holsteins and these guys do have bulky heads suggesting beef cattle.

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