Jack’s Walk

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It’s another beautiful day here and I’m enjoying the freedom of being outside without being all bundled up. For the past few days Jack and I have been walking in a new area because our usual forest path hasn’t been cleared yet of several large fallen trees. Jack thinks this new route is pretty swell. It runs close to the river and he’s been able to frolic in the water every day. I don’t think the route is swell and it’s not because of the wet dog. It’s because of all the dead trees. Several years ago my area was hard hit by the emerald ash borer beetle. (Agrilus planipennis) It destroyed every tree in the park that connects with this path and many more were cut down in neighbouring areas to help to help prevent the spread. What was once a lush green park with mature trees is now riddled with decaying stumps and fallen branches. Our winters have become so warm that these critters can now survive this far north. One more victim of climate change.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    These pictures have a desert feel to them, which is appropriate given the backstory.

  2. Nightjar says

    I think you did a wonderful job capturing the beauty of that devastated landscape, those are two great shots. I am sorry about those trees and the park, though, that kind of destruction takes years to recover from.

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