1. voyager says

    They are so full of cuteness. If they were mine I think I would spend my days cuddling. And I love the name Molli. When I was a child I had a teddy bear named Molli.

  2. says

    The grey one is Pünktchen (Dottie), the sweetest old guy.
    He’s 7 years old now and getting really old.
    He had a close call with the Death of Rats this winter when he had a nasty eye infection.
    We hope that he’ll have a good last summer. Molli is taking good care of himb but you see that he’s only half the bunny he used to be.
    He can’t clean himself properly anymore so today I had to give him a shallow bath again. I think he hates me now.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Both are very cute. But now that it’s said, Pünktchen does look old, the fur is slightly unkempt, giving an impression of an old guy who’s just woken up.

  4. says

    Yes, Molli is taking good care of him, that’s plain to see. Here’s hoping he slips into that final sleep without pain. Oh, baths. Yes, I’ve found they are rarely appreciated.

  5. rq says

    It’s the floppy ears. They’re adorable.
    Is Pünktchen named after anything in particular or is it a typical German bunny name? I ask because when I was little I had a story about little rabbit Pünktchen (Punktiņš, but it was a translated story) born into a family of white rabbits, and there followed many efforts to have his spots removed, until… but I will not give away the ending. It was very happy, though.

  6. says

    Ice Swimmer
    The unkept fur is mostly due to the fur change in spring. You can see the different furs pretty well on Molli, especially in her face. But he’s probably a pound less than he used to be, which the fur is hiding. My dad also needed to build him a step to get back into his hutch.

    They’re the most affectionate couple. Molli is still pretty young, only a year old and by now she doesn’t let Pünktchen out of her sight.

    Yes, but a different story. Erich Kästner’s Pünktchen und Anton. when we got the first pair of bunnies, of which Pünktchen is an original member, #1 named hers Anton and we suggested Pünktchen for the other one since it suited him well.
    Anton was stolen, but Pünktchen remains.

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