1. says

    I’ve seen ice like this only one time here, and could not stop taking photos of it, fascinating, and so beautiful too.

  2. Nightjar says

    Wow, that is so beautiful! I love all those shots, one can actually see the crystal structures. Fascinating indeed!

  3. avalus says

    Thank you!
    I had never seen such crystals before. The night before the temperature dropped over night from 1 to -9°C so that might have caused it.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    Beautiful shapes. The second picture is my fave as a photo, the light gives it a nice feel.

    One thing about freezing water that I’ve noticed this winter was the sharp, spiky ice that forms on the sea water surface when it’s cold, basically a smaller form of this. The spikes are 2 -- 3 cm/about an inch and the ice forming on the surface breaks into sharp shards that can even draw blood (though the scratches are superficial). My beard protected my face when I was swimming, but my shoulders looked as if a small cat had scratched them idly and carelessly.

  5. rq says

    We had interesting ice like this, too. I chalk it up to the strange winter conditions (frequent swings between above freezing and below freezing temperatures, with the high water mark of above freezing temps freezing up enough to hold with the descent of temperatures).

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