Jack’s Walk

We went to the lake today to look at the lingering ice and there was none! This was cause for celebration and Jack chose to do his happy dance in the cold, cold water. Don’t worry, though, he’s fine. Jack’s coat is so dense that only his guard hairs get wet. His undercoat and skin stay completely dry. Labs are thoroughly built to be swimmers. They even have webbed feet.


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  1. says

    Oh, happy Jack! And lucky you, ice free water! Reminds me of Cachet, she was half Newfie, and you couldn’t keep her out of water.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    Then, when you get home, what is the procedure for getting the dog back into the house?

  3. jazzlet says

    If Jack is anything like a short-hairted German Shepherd he won’t be very wet at all because as Voyager says the water doesn’t penetrate the fur. The guard hairs trap the air in the fluffy under fur so not only does no water get through to the skin, but when they shake most of the water flies right off the dog along with any mud. By the time they get back to the house my guess is that Jack will be pretty much, if not completely, dry.

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    It’s just a matter of time before Panda heads into the pond. She’s already trying to swim in her water bowl.

  5. voyager says

    Chigau, we always have a few towels in the car for blotting up the worst of it and Jazzlet is right about Jack shaking a lot of it off himself. He really only gets superficially wet, even if he’s in the water for a long time. I imagine that must be what otter or beaver fur is like.

  6. says

    How wonderful, someone letting their dog do what their dog loves doing. I remember once when commenting to a smartly dressed woman that her dog had seemingly enjoyed its time in the local river, her heartfelt “What about MEEE” wail was enough to make me grin evilly.

  7. chigau (違う) says

    Recently, I saw, in Vancouver, a posh-dressed person walking their poodles.
    Standard poodles with that weird shaved torso haircut.
    It was snowing and the dogs were wearing jackets.
    Covering their shaved bits.
    I don’t understand.

  8. says


    I don’t understand.

    I do. Just imagine the apparent loss of status of posh-dressed person if their poodles weren’t seen in posh dress too. Anguish and tears would result. Imagine being trapped in the endless consumption treadmill.

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