An Island


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This is a coloured sketch to one of my paintings. I cannot unfortunately make a picture of the final painting, because I gave it to my brother who now lives 400 km from me. All the paintings I gave him are at the moment not fulfilling their function, because my sister in law has stashed them away.  They “do not fit with the color scheme of their new appartment” which I did not take kindly, because they could keep the paintings during the renovations in mind if they wanted to. Click for full size.

A bummer – I have just reminded myself that a lot of my sketches are ruined or damaged. A few years ago I was reconstructing the roof and the workers have moved my stuff around without heeding my instructions. The impromptu cover was also built sloppily and my warnings that I live in very windy area were dismissed as needles worrying of an amateur. Inevitably the drawings were stashed under the impromptu cover which got ripped off in a gust of wind. And rain poured on them. I only found out a few months after they left, when everything was mouldy.

It would take a lot of time to airbrush it in Photoshop, so some of the pictures will unfortunately have maps on them.


  1. says

    That’s beautiful, and evocative too. There’s a great deal to read in that, for me, and I’d be most pleased to have that on any of my walls. You should tell your snotty sister in law to send them back to you.

    Oh, ruined work! That’s happened to me, and it’s an unbelievable sadness.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I love the colours and the play with the scale of things.

    The ruined work thing is awful and makes one wince.

  3. says

    Oh, I like that! There are layers of things going on, and the colors are beautiful.

    Color scheme? Who needs a color scheme? I just find spaces for the stuff I like looking at.

  4. says


    Who needs a color scheme?

    I’m with you. People who decorate by making everything match are unbearably boring. Art is art, you shouldn’t be using it in a match scheme. You can have stuff all coordinate and get along without having to match. Of course, my house could be charitably described as a chaos of colour.

  5. says

    I am glad you like it.

    For whatever reason FTB code has decided to link to a quarter-scale image, not full scale. I fixed it, now it works properly.

  6. jazzlet says

    I like it, I really like your trees, or the ones you have showed us so far Charly.

    I go for white or pale walls and have my colour in fabrics, books and artwork. Makes repainting a doddle. That’s when I get round to decorating at all.

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