A Wee Bit Late.

In his latest video, Lance Wallnau has a prayer:

“The left needs to shut up and Father, we just pray in Jesus’ name that your hand will be on this president and on his marriage and on his wife, that their ears will be deaf to the salacious, cruel accusations and toxic utterances that are coming at them from all directions. And I pray for a swift and speedy blocking of this subject from entering into the middle of the national narrative.”

You need to keep up, Lance. Rather late in the day to ask Jehovah to stomp all over Ms. Daniels. As for being salacious, cruel, and toxic, it seems the Tiny Tyrant has all those covered, with more to spare. It really takes a special kind of man to go out and cheat on his wife while pregnant, and after giving birth to yet another heir. That’s a particular cruelty, one which will reside in Ms. Tiny Tyrant’s head forever.

As for the national narrative, when has the Tiny Tyrant’s salacious, cruel, and toxic behaviour not been a part of it? Donny is guilty of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and cheating all over the damn place. That’s all on him. The man is a walking scandal of criminal activity. I can’t speak for all The Left™, but this little part of it is not going to shut up, so I’m afraid yet another prayer has fallen on deaf ears. The only reason the lunatic fringe wants this all hushed up is that you can’t stand people looking at your hypocrisy, supporting an adulterer in spite of your so-called morals and family values. Oh, that spotlight is hot, isn’t it? Unfortunately for you, right wing asshole christians are more likely to be lapping up every bit of, um, exposure given to Ms. Daniels, more than the average person. Fundamentalist christians have a fatal attraction to porn, and the more they yell about it, the more they are watching and listening. Repression never works the way it’s supposed to, and you’d think you idiots would figure that one out, but no. Even remonstrations use clickbait titles: Don’t watch super-whore Stormy’s interview!, knowing that ‘super-whore’ is a magnet to christians. So, it would be you fucking idiots feeding the frenzy you’re upset about.  If I were a god, I wouldn’t pay attention to you either.

That’s not all that Lance has been praying about:

Wallnau warned that if “the midterm elections prove that the fury and froth and madness stirred up by propaganda by the left” is effective enough to shift control of Congress, then this nation will never have peace or unity because “there is a corrupt root so strongly embedded” in the Democrats.

“I’m telling you now,” Wallnau declared, “the spirit of darkness wants to neutralize this presidency in September [sic] of 2018, but we decree and declare that there is a turning over of the tables for the sake of Jacob my servant, Israel my chosen, for that reason this man was given a title a honor as president. Though he did not know God fully when he started, he knows that there is a God of Israel right now. Father, we pray, though you have been a God who hides himself, that you will now reveal your arm and foil even the false signs of false prognosticators, counselors, coordinators and schemers working within the political apparatus, the media apparatus, the television, the entertainment, the grassroots organizing, even to dry up the resources of those who are using their wealth as a mechanism to choke the future of the United States.”

Y’know, it wasn’t that long ago we had democracy. Eight years of it. And while it wasn’t as good as it could have been (as with all things), it was pretty good. Made a lot of progress, and there wasn’t so much as a whiff of scandal of any kind. No porn stars, no hush money, no cheating, no sexual assault, no harassment, no mass amounts of criminal activity.  I’d be absolutely thrilled to have that again, and I’m hardly alone in that one.

Though you have been a God who hides himself“, oh yes, for thousands of years! Actually, since this god was dreamed up and cobbled together. Nice of you to sort of admit it, Lance.

The full thing is at RWW.


  1. busterggi says

    Now wait, is he praying for Yahweh to take away Trump’s free will? That won’t make him less a sinner, just a mindless puppet -- so maybe Putin is Yahweh?

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