Not An Optical Illusion.

I’m working on First Reaction, and every time I use this one pencil, and it freaks me out a bit, because I keep seeing it crooked. It’s very easy to see pencils crooked though, you can make them all wavy on purpose. I finally paid attention and looked at the pencil, and it’s not me, damn thing is crooked. :D

© C. Ford.


  1. Oggie. says

    That’s what you get for buying a GOP pencil. I wonder how much NRA money that pencil got to go that crooked?

  2. says

    rq, the top one! ;D

    Oggie, now that would break my little black heart, a GOP pencil. These are Crayola! Oh no, that rhymes with payola…

  3. ShowMetheData says

    Exactly where, in our evolutionary history, did we monkeys have a need for stright lines

    Was a snake going to bite us if geometric angles were not at 90 degrees?

  4. kestrel says

    :-D That is so funny… I have found myself wondering the same thing when working with pencils, and rolled the pencil just to see. I always hope no one sees me do that.

  5. says

    Last week I was helping a colleague with some PC trouble and I could not figure out what is bugging and distracting me until I noticed that one of her PC screens is slightly slanted sideways. I had to adjust it to level while she laughed, before I was able to continue.

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