1. Ice Swimmer says

    Careful, Vasco and Artemis, you just might get a furry tail if you keep on munching the seed from the cones!

    Wonderful black and white.

  2. says

    None of the crews have ever shown much interest in pine cones. They’ll snuffle them to pieces the first time, but after that, they lose interest. Snow is much more interesting! They do love dandelions though, and they’ll put in some serious damage on a freshly plucked sunflower. They will also indulge in some freshly harvested catmint now and then.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    They’re not interested in the squirrel life, then.

    I wonder if the snow gives them a nice mouth/tooth feel.

  4. says

    Charly, depends on the individual. Ash used to love digging in it, and if I packed him a hard snowball, he’d spend quite a bit of time stealing it, pulling and pushing it across the desk, then into the condo, up and down ladders, all that.

    Vasco enjoyed tunneling in snow, some of the others liked biting it and eating a bit, it varied across the board.

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