Oh, I remember laughing so much when I was trying to get this photo. The boys looked like I interrupted a major scheme. Left to Right, Theo, Vasco, Oliver, Neville, and Chester had debunked to the back of them all.

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  1. chigau (違う) says

    It’s pretty clear that they were up to something.
    It was probably Chester’s idea.

  2. says

    Chester, Theo, Oliver, Neville, and Dexter were brothers, and except for their tails, identical in all other respects. Once their personalities asserted themselves, it was easy to tell them apart, but before that, when they were tiny, I was so thankful for the tail difference. Like their dad, Sam, they all had cream coloured tails with a brown tip. On each one, the brown tip was a different length.

  3. says

    Chigau, no, it wouldn’t have been my Chester! He was the most light-hearted and playful of the brothers. If you ask me, it was Oliver. He was the oldest.

  4. Patricia Phillips says

    Aw! A Mischief up to mischief, no doubt.

    Being Sunday, it was pancake day and the rat-girls got their share -- much to their joy.

  5. says

    It was that row of expressions -- all that was needed was a combined thought bubble: “Right, she’s next on the menu.”

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