Sharp and Shiny.

From Charly: This is the knife I have given to my Mom for Christmas. Scary sharp – I could slice that tomato paper thin. Seems to hold edge well, it was already used since I made it and the edge was not touched up prior to photographing.

Measurements: Overall length ~26 cm, blade ~14 cm lenght, ~2 mm thick, blade grind convex with no secondary bevel.

Materials: handle scales chemically treated Elder wood (Sambucus nigra) coated with PU, blade N690 steel hardened at home in impromptu settings.

I hope to improve the design based on my mothers feedback and make more knives like this one in the future, it was fun. Beautiful! Click for full size.

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  1. kestrel says

    That knife is really lovely. Your mother will be thrilled with it; I really doubt you could easily buy a knife of that quality in a regular store. The shape of the blade and handle is very graceful and it looks very easy to use.

  2. says

    @kestrel, the handle is made extra beefy so it is easier to hold. My mother has arhritis and one of the objections she has to the mass produced knives is that the handles are always too skinny (no wonder -- material costs money and the pressure today is to make everything cheap function be damned). The point of balance is exactly on the forefinger groove. So it is very easy to use.
    The N690 steel is used only for high quality knives, definitively not for regular supermarket ones. We will see how long it takes for me to be requested to resharpen it, but I am confident that my heat treatment was properly performed despite non-professional and improvised setup

  3. says

    Beautiful work and photo!

    It is so satisfying to be able to give people something you made with your hands.

    (Ps -- I have the components for a laser triggered spray system. I’ve been too busy with other stuff to assemble it but if it works I have enough parts for two)

  4. kestrel says

    @post #5: Knife-maker enabling. Now there is something I never dreamed I would write. :-)

    And may it go well with both of you. There are so many shitty knives out there… SO MANY…. I wish you both the best in making many worthy knives!

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