The Daily Bird #578.

A Crested Pigeon, from Lofty: While having lunch in a local reserve, I heard a noise like an old fashioned bicycle pump. It turned out to come from this Crested Pigeon hiding in the foliage of a nearby tree. Once spotted it jumped down to the ground and acted all innocent. Of course having heard this one, the next time I stopped at a reserve, loads of these pigeons were strutting around waving their tails at each other but I had left the camera home. Click for full size!

© Lofty, all rights reserved.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Fierce looking eyes and crest. The last picture is my favourite.

    Nice to see a dinosaur previously unseen.

  2. says

    The pink makeup and pink slippers make an interesting contrast with that punk hairdo. “C’mon if you think you are hard ’nuff’.”

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