View and Plan of Jerusalem.--Fac-simile of a woodcut in the "Liber Chronicarum Mundi" large folio, Nuremberg, 1493. <a href="">Source</a>.

View and Plan of Jerusalem.–Fac-simile of a woodcut in the “Liber Chronicarum Mundi” large folio, Nuremberg, 1493. Source.

RWW has the full rundown on all the christians who have been pushing for the Jerusalem move, and how excited they are over finally having a puppet who gave them what they most desire: the apocalypse. The apocalypse they want so very much won’t happen, but a different sort might, given this unbelievably bone-headed decision. Christians do excel at coming up with batshit nonsense to shore up their position on anything, and this is no exception:

Anti-BDS activist and filmmaker Laurie Cardoza-Moore, reportedly considering a run for Congress from Tennessee, contributed a column to Haaretz welcoming “Trump’s obedience to God’s word on Jerusalem.”  “We as a Judeo-Christian nation have a responsibility to uphold the word of God” she had said earlier this month, urging Trump to act.

Cardoza-Moore told Gordon Klingenschmitt that people often ask her where the United States is in the End Times, and she always tells them, “Look at the English spelling of the word Jerusalem. What are the three letters in the center of that word? U.S.A. … That is our prophetic place to be.”

Oh look, there’s the USA! It’s right there, in another word, must be a god! Only in the English spelling mind, because Amerikan English is the one true language of Jehovah.  I might not mind this bonnaconshit so much if it weren’t for the mind-numbing stupidity. We really don’t need people thinking we are that stupid. It’s so embarrassing.

RWW has the full, depressing story.

ETA: Bannon is also speaking about this:

“Isn’t this really showing the muscle of the evangelical community? Because President Trump, one of the reasons he did this, besides the reason that he knew was the smart thing to do and the right thing to do, was the fact that his base, right, particularly that part that’s evangelical Right, which is a huge part of his base, really has been demanding this for quite a while,” Bannon said.

Full story here.


  1. busterggi says

    Hurray, all the Jews will be wiped out by Jesus when he comes back!

    I mean, that IS what they expect.

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