The Daily Bird #555.

Crows, Ducks, and more from Ice Swimmer: These photos are taken December 5th 2017 early in the afternoon (about half past 1 pm and yes, it’s that dark) and the theme is Crows dipping their toe into the waterfowl/wading bird things. Click for full size!

© Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved.


  1. kestrel says

    “I’m a gull! I’m a gull, I know I am!”

    What kind of goose is that? I could almost swear it was a Canada goose… do those go to Australia?

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The birds were swimming and wading in the bay Töölönlahti, the beach is nearby the Finlandia Hall. The tower in the background is the tower of the Olympic Stadium. It isn’t a tilting tower in real life, that’s just some perspective error. This beach has been the setting of one previous Daily Bird.

    kestrel @ 2

    They are Canada geese, they have been introduced to Europe.

    The ducks are mallards and I think the gulls are all common gulls, in winter plumage or juveniles. Usually the gulls and geese should have gone by this time to warmer shores, but these are hanging around, as the sea isn’t frozen and the snow hasn’t stayed for long.

    The hooded crow that was in the water was able to fly even when the plumage was somewhat wet.

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