1. voyager says

    Is that first piece sea glass? Perhaps a stranded blob of jellyfish? No matter, it makes me dreamy for summer skies and tide pools to explore.

  2. says

    The top picture is of a small jellyfish that is quite common on these shores in summer. As a 6 year old I remember stomping on these and having them squish up between my toes. Now I just admire their transparent simplicity.

  3. photon says

    rq @ 1

    It’s the egg mass from the conical sand snail, Conuber conicus. If you look closely enough, you can see tiny eggs suspended in the clear jelly. They’re commonly washed up on Australian beaches around this time of year, and perfect for throwing at siblings!

  4. rq says

    Thanks! It looks like it’s full of sparkles. Perfect, as you say, for throwing at siblings. :D

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