1. rq says

    City of Women actually sounds like a pretty appealing idea. And as for the cleavage on that biker outfit… well… I hate to see how she deals riding during blackfly season! An incredible ensemble on the whole, though.

  2. Desert Son, OM says

    I am worried this is going to be insensitive or privileged. If so, that’s on me, and I own it, and will apologize.

    But the title, Counterfeit Lesbian, is making me giggle.

    And I know that some of the titles are intentionally “scandalous/trashy/pulpy/titillating” (for various values of those terms) to attract buyers.

    But . . . Counterfeit Lesbian?

    Would it make more sense if I read the book? Do any of these give anyone else the giggles?

    Am I a terrible person?

    Still learning,


  3. says

    Desert Son:

    But . . . Counterfeit Lesbian?

    You’re fine, and not alone. That always struck me as the silliest damn title, it makes no sense at all. I haven’t read the story, but given that all the stories had to have the characters ending up badly, the ‘counterfeit’ woman was probably married to a man, and doing for the money, or some such.

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