1. Ice Swimmer says

    The lip of the black rhinoceros is awesome. Also, it seemed to “get” the pumpkin quite well. Also, the pig that took the pumpkin was fun: “I’m taking this to a place where I can figure this out without the others disturbing and there are no gawking monkeys.”

    Also, bears and gorillas seem to love munching pumpkins.

  2. says

    Haloween is not traditionaly celebrated around here (although there is some effort to import it in last years in our attempt to ape USA), so most of the sentiment is lost on me. But I must admit that the surikatas climbing in and out of the pumpkin are cute, as well as the red river hog making off with his.

  3. says

    I was in awe of just how efficiently the rhino dealt with the pumpkin. That was amazing, and rather terrifying. It’s wonderful to see just how much delight is taken in this seasonal delicacy.

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