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    At 2.5 years old, Grace is the Grand Matriarch now. But everything has always been Gracie’s, from the moment she was in the house at 5 weeks old.

  2. blf says

    Caine, Off-topic, but it seems the threshold (X-days) for when comments no longer appear in the “Recent Comments” sidebar is 14-days. That is, comments on threads created more than about 14-days old are not included in the sidebar. This limitation appears to be, as previously discussed, a side-effect of the recent “fix” for some FtB performance issues.

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    No, no, nothing like that! The muffin is long gone. Grace waits until I’m out of the studio for the arduous task of muffin moving; it gets shifted to a different hoard location, where the raiding by the other rats begins, and before long…no more muffin.

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