1. says

    No, not a squirrel. Of course if someone thinks so, I can’t stop that, can I? Speaking of, one of the squirrels on property did me a service today -- started barking, so I looked to see what was up, and there was another damn stray fucking cat, stalking my dinosaurs.

  2. Raucous Indignation says

    Caine, if it’s really a stray, the cat needs to trapped and spayed/neutered. Don’t hate a top predator for predatoring. It’s necessary for their healthy nutrition and how they make the way in the world. And while they are stalking your dinos, they are being stalked by the coyotes and foxes. It’s a tough life as a stray cat.

  3. says

    Yeah, y’know, I don’t give a shit. Cats are lousy predators, that’s why they keep showing up at my place to eat all the suet. It’s bad enough dealing with asses who think it’s just dandy for their fuckin’ precious to roam outside at will, digging up other people’s gardens, shitting, pissing, spraying all over, etc. My cats have two outdoor kennels, accessible from two different places in the house. I am a responsible pet owner. A pox on all those who aren’t. And hunting is not fucking necessary for a cat’s healthy nutrition. If people were fucking responsible for their damn cats, I wouldn’t have a fucking problem, would I? And stalked by coyotes my ass. These cats don’t leave the populated area, and coyotes don’t come strolling into town.

    Not long ago, some assholes skipped out in the middle of the night, and left around 30 fucking cats, who are now roaming about, and the 2nd generation is now active. Why in the holy fuck should I be trapping the damn things, and paying to get them fucking fixed? I have animals of my own, and that’s where my priority lies, including money laid out for health reasons. If they don’t stay the fuck off my property, they’ll find themselves poisoned.

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