Mushroom Hunt: Russula sp.

From Charly, who notes: A large genus of mushrooms, some edible and good, some with nasty unpleasant or burning taste or even emetics. I do not collect them because I have never spent enough time with someone who is familiar with them enough to safely recognise the edible species. Also there are multiple species that are really similar to one another so precise identification really needs a mycologist. Addendum – only the first orange mushroom is Russula sp., the second one is very probably Amanita muscarina. I got them mixed up, I would have to pick up the mushroom to be sure sure (Russula does not have veil and does not have bulbous foot), and of course that cannot be done in picture, and I do not disturb mushrooms I do not collect. Spectacular photos all, click for full size!

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  1. kestrel says

    Dang, I missed the day Russula was posted… oh well, better late than never.

    This is such a beautiful genus. Many many different cap colors, lively pert mushrooms that really add to that walk in the woods. They are difficult though and the only one I am somewhat familiar with is Russula brevipes. I did once collect and eat xerampelina but I would not normally ever eat them.

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