Mushroom Hunt: Cep.

From Charly, who notes: Probably the most prized mushroom around here, not only edible and tasty in many preparations, but also can be dried and stored. There are people who do not collect anything else, but I am not so picky. It has the advantage that it cannot be mistaken for anything poisonous or dangerous, however there is a beautiful inedible bolete (bitter bolete) around here, that is very similar in looks sometimes, but can be easily and safely recognised by simply licking the cut when unsure. Unfortunately I have seen only one specimen of that one this time and I totally forgot to make a picture. Click for full size!

Chris Ford: Affinity &emdash; Boletusedulis004

Chris Ford: Affinity &emdash; Boletusedulis005

Chris Ford: Affinity &emdash; Boletusedulis006

Chris Ford: Affinity &emdash; Boletusedulis007

Chris Ford: Affinity &emdash; Boletusedulis008

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  1. kestrel says

    Oh swoon… I love these guys! I hardly ever see them but coming across them is such an amazing thing. Charly, you are obviously the person to go on a foray with!

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