1. says

    I never understood how anyone would eat one of those. They do not smell appetizing at all. Evolution, FTW.

    Lovely shots! The glabrous texture of the mushroom is amazing.

  2. says

    On the visual level though, they look incredibly inviting and potentially delicious. And smells, well, they don’t always translate the same way to all people. The smell of coriander leaf makes me choke and gag, the scent of soap is so damn strong, I can’t stand to be near it, but it sends most people into rhapsody.

  3. kestrel says

    Some of the deadly mushrooms are said to smell and taste delicious… and they belong to this same family, the Amanitas. You can’t go by smell. (Matsutakes smell like a combination of red hots and dirty socks… !!!) You can’t go by anything, except hard-earned knowledge. There are no “simple Simon” rules for mushrooms.

    Love, love love Amanita muscaria. A gorgeous mushroom indeed.

  4. rq says

    I’m very much enjoying Charly’s mushroom series. I don’t recognize many of the English names (hello, google!) but I’ve been learning quite a bit, and as someone who doesn’t dare mushroom due to a severe lack of knowledge (the only mushroom I will pick with certainty is the chanterelle, and even then…), I’m enjoying Charly’s commentary.

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