1. blf says

    I have no recollection of the Simurgh, so asked the mildly deranged penguin — an expert on all things bird, cheeses, and everything else — about it. She paused, actually paused, for a moment, then started to talk about the giant albatross-like gliders of Jupiter before segueing (well, actually, abruptly jumping) into a lecture on MUSHROOMS! Neither discussion mentioned “Simurgh”, so I had to consult Ye Pfffft! of All Knowledge.

    Whilst I’m reasonably confident I’ve seen (images of) some of the ancient pictures, I suspect I probably misunderstood it to be a Phoenix. Having said that, some parts of the legend, such as roosting in the Hōm, are — or at least seem — to be something I’ve heard before. But the story of Zal is new to me.

    So, something new, early in the morning.

    And now the mildly deranged penguin is going on about cactus-eating whales, which from what I can gather, has something to do with the annual concrete balloon festival.

  2. says

    Zal and the Simurgh is a lovely tale, and gorgeous artwork, too. As Medieval Bestiaries go, the most stunning artwork is in the Persian, and usually the most accurate, as well.

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