Second Šunkawakan.

Christ, these shots suck. Going to have to get this thing outside. Anyroad, first, the stinkhorror of gesso, then on to the fun stuff. Time to make salad for the rats, then I’ll get finished up. If there’s time, I’ll try to get it outside for better. Clickety for full and all that. Oh, forgot earlier, the first horse is 29″ x 18″, second is 23″ x 14″.

© C. Ford, all rights reserved.


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    Thanks! You know those cardboard pattern cutting boards? I found a vintage one, from the early ’60s, in mint condition for a couple bucks at a thrift store. It’s 74″ x 40″, and those things make fab room dividers or handy screens for hiding whatever. That’s what Imma workin’ on. :D

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    I kinda like the effect of the photos, it makes the horses look alive and startled as they rush across the firmament.

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