1. rq says

    Awww, she doesn’t get a character? A wonderful drawing, but now I’m left to wonder what Tabac would have been wearing and doing.

  2. rq says

    Seems likely. Doesn’t seem to be huge amounts of information out there about him, though (not online, at least).
    Then again, I did get sidetracked by American Woods when trying to see if Public Domain had more info…

  3. says

    Oh, Public Domain is the worst time sink for me. Anyway, in my head, I picture Tabac in an old Turkish type room, with that lovely hookah. :D

  4. rq says

    That’s his work, yes, I was more wondering about his intentions behind the drawings… I might have to read the book to find out if there’s anything in there about Tabac at all that might provide explanation. Or maybe it’s just a drawing for the scientific portion of the book. I know what I’m doing tonight.

  5. says

    He didn’t write any of the text, so I assume his drawings related to the stories, whatever they were. I have no idea of what any of it says, outside of a word here and there, but given most of his work, it was on the sly side of societal commentary.

  6. rq says

    Haha actually Grandville just did not approve of tobacco (translation mine -- errors of grammar and style are all mine):

    We are not so unfair as to not recognize it; tobacco is a plant very innocent in appearence, which multiplies by seeds, sown in spring, and whose flowers, which bloom in September, release a scent reasonably similar to that of jasmine (that of corrugated tobacco). But what is this sickly virtue of tobacco in comparison to the terrible harms it spreads all over the surface of the globe! … We have already said that tobacco is a horrible plague that spreads without cease, and that it is a thousand times more disastrous than an invasion of barbarians. It is a terrible poison that enreeks* the air we breathe, that numbs the senses, that extinguishes imagination. There are no crimes, no horrible misdeeds and monstrous, that tobacco has not committed or has not forced one to commit; it is due to tobacco that all social ties are loosened; it is tobacco that turns the public into brutes, that removes taste. It is tobacco that often makes Frederic the Great cruel, and tobacco that aided the English jailers to kill Napoleon. Thanks to tobacco, the most beautiful teeth rot; the softest breath becomes foetid; the nostrils become enlarged, swollen, the gaze becomes tarnished, the voice becomes harsh, the appetite languishes/extinguishes; desires are blunted, thoughts become ponderous… And still one can find poets to sing praises of this nauseating substance!
    Therefore with grace, ladies, avoid tobacco even as a flower; we cannot never be too careful to guard against bad influences.

    From Volume 1, page 300. Someone tried to remedy Tabac’s absence in an Erratum plate, where it appears together with a few other plants, in character.

    * causes to reek, a new word (c) rq 2017

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    Hee. Grandville didn’t write any of the text, just did the illustrations. I don’t know who did the writing. My, my. Someone didn’t like how much French people took to smokin’. :D

    I forgot about the Erratum! Added.

  8. rq says

    Oo, bad me for not checking the author of that bit -- that was some dude with the last name of Foelix, by the Cte prefix, probably a count of some sort. Oh, the outrage!

  9. rq says

    I’m loving Laurier’s grouchy face and mismatched outfit -- esp. the shoes. What was he doing last night that he couldn’t get properly dressed this morning? :D

  10. says

    Oh, that I expect, is the roots of Laurier being Roman, they started that whole Laurel wreath nonsense, which leaked down the ages into the French aristocracy.

  11. rq says

    It’s still a funny outfit and it makes me laugh, when what he’s trying to be is dignified and lordly and I bet Tabac’s smoke is getting all up in his airspace and numbing his senses and rotting his teeth.

  12. says

    He looks utterly pissed that he can’t take Immortelle out. The rivalry! I love that Myrtle looks stricken with love for Tabac. I have a thing for myrtle, love them. And Olivier, the most sensible, having a nap. I’d like a nap, and I’m barely up. Time for Café and Tabac.

  13. rq says

    Just had my afternoon dose of both. No nap yet, though.
    I think Belle de Nuit is the most obviously alright with everything, Tabac just doesn’t really give a shit about anything, though Myrtle should just use her words and see where things go. But Laurier will have issues taking Immortelle out, after all she has the scythe and he just has a jambon.

  14. says

    The main Immortelle features the scythe, which is broken. That’s why Laurier is so pissed, the story of Apollo and Daphne, the Laurel was thought to be immortal and never prone to decay. Gotta love how Immortelle is supremely unconcerned.

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